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Ep #155 - Why we don't ask for help
Episode 1551st December 2020 • Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
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So if we accept we're not meant to do this alone, then why don't we ask for more help?

If we understand, on a conscious level, that the Motherload and the Third Shift is unfair and unbalanced, then why don't we speak up more often and lean on those around us?

This is something I've been contemplating a lot lately.
I've needed more help in my own life over the past few months, and I've also been witnessing and observing the women around me struggle to lean on others.

And what I've seen is - it's more than just "I should be able to do this myself."

There's the worry of your children being seen as difficult;
There's the concern that your kids are too much;
There's different disciplines and approaches.

In other words, the reasons we don't ask for help run deep... and if we're ever going to stop this Superwoman addiction, we're going to have to shine a light on them - which is exactly what I do in this episode.