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How to stop comparisonitis holding you back in your pet business with Kate Hoyle
Episode 1073rd March 2022 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Have you ever suffered from comparisonitis?

You might have found yourself looking at other pet businesses or in a similar space and thinking ‘oh my gosh they do so much more than me?’

Fretting as you see them chat about their waiting list, client base, even their media wins, and spiral yourself into self-doubt?

Whilst it’s healthy to be inspired by others, comparisonitis can have a huge impact on self-esteem.

That’s why this week I’m talking to therapist Kate Hoyle.

She deals with lots of people who struggle with comparing themselves, we talk about what it is, how to spot it and simple steps you can follow to nip it in the bud and feel good about yourself!

Key topics and timings in this episode:

1.56 - About Kate and how she used hypnotherapy to support clients.

5.05 - Kate explains what comparisonitis is. 

8.45 - How we become affected by comparisonitis through social media. 

12.26 - Why it's hard it is not to compare yourself to others when you're feeling low.

16.20 - Kate shares how comparisonitis can be used in a positive way.

17.24 - Why studying can sometimes be a form of procrastination. 

21.34 - What lessons we can learn from our dogs.

24.06 - Kate explains how when we compare ourselves, we lose track of our own uniqueness.

28.30 - The importance of not letting opinions get you down and doing your own thing with your business. 

32.10 - Kate shares practical steps to stop comparing your business and yourself to others.

38.25 - How to find Kate online and social media. 

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