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Using the Alternative Cloud to Modernize Businesses in Thailand
Episode 925th November 2020 • Craft of Code • Linode
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In this episode, we spoke to the founder and managing director of Swiftlet, Arthit “Art” Hongchintakul.

While working in the US, Art realized that there was an opportunity to add value and foster tech talent back home in Thailand by building his own technology company.

So, in 2012, Art launched software development agency, Swiftlet. His mission was to bring tech-driven development and continuous delivery through cutting edge technology to help modernize businesses in Thailand.

Swiftlet’s flagship product is the Terebinth Cloud ERP system. Terebinth digitizes paperwork, accounting, and admin functions for clients who previously couldn’t afford the mainstream ERP systems. 

Find out how Linode and the “Robin Hood” of Thailand are bringing the cloud to the masses in this episode of Craft of Code

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Why Art made the move from the US back to Thailand
  • How Swiftlet’s partnership with Linode has evolved
  • Why open-source has been invaluable for developing tech talent
  • How Linode helps Swiftlet deliver on their core values
  • How Swiftlet is working to deliver affordable ERP solutions to business
  • Swiftlet’s use of Linode Kubernetes Engine and Block Storage


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