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Optimizing Time with Ashley Quinto Powell
Episode 21st April 2022 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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In this episode Kiley invited to the show Ashley Quinto Powell, a TEDX speaker, startup founder and revenue consultant. As a consultant she works with B2B startups and small businesses. Her methodology focuses on strategy and sales messaging that honors the reputation and personality of the founders, relationship building at scale and lead-generating events. While on the public speaking side, she focuses on the intersection of work and family. She supports women in business through formal and informal mentorship communities.

Kiley and Ashley talk about time management and how to optimize time. Ashley shares how important it is to have a V.A. when it comes to time management. Tune in to this episode and hear more tips and inspiring stories from them.


02:10 – I remember my husband told me that “what are you doing, you can’t employ someone” and I didn't know I was drowning in emails. It was the best decision that I made for the whole 1st year of my business.

11:36 – One thing that I’ve always struggled with is email, it takes me forever to get back to people. These days I have a great V.A. who is in there to respond to my emails.

19:59 – I don’t say thank you for your help anymore, I say thank you for being an amazing partner who does their fair share. It is wonderful to have someone who can take all of the administrative parts of raising kids.

26:43 – There's a system that sometimes we use. The 6 T’s of delegations. Things that are tiny, time consuming, teachable, you’re terrible at and time sensitive.


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Ashley Quinto Powell’s Bio 

Ashley is a serial entrepreneur, revenue generation consultant, and self-advocacy expert. She speaks nationally on working motherhood, self-advocacy, salary negotiation, and sales and has started several thriving communities to support working mothers and ambitious career women. Her book, Executive Motherhood, is out in January 2022.