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Towncasting As A Networking Tool
Episode 127th September 2022 • Towncast Podcast • Towncast Studios
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Troy Price and his wife had lived all over the state of Kentucky, but they never wanted to settle in any one place for too long. They preferred to keep moving and explore everywhere from Louisville to Pikeville.

But when they arrived at small town of Berea, Kentucky, they decided they wanted to put down some roots and settle in. 

In this episode of the Towncast Podcast, Mathew Passy sits down with Troy to talk about his decision to launch a local podcast and use it as a tool for connection in his new town.

Troy talks about the many benefits of using podcasting as a tool for networking, learning about, and educating people on the endlessly interesting people, places, and hsitory of Berea, Kentucky.

Troy also goes into detail on his method for reaching out and pitching his show to potential guests. His methods are proven, and really seem to work especially well on a local level. 

Other topics discussed include:

  • Troy talks about his own hometown studio called Front Porch Studios!
  • Some valuable resources for email templates that could prove useful in outreach for your local podcast
  • Troy talks about the bright future he sees ahead for local podcasters


Listen to the Berea Podcast here

Learn more about Front Porch Studios here

Find some ideas for cold outreach templates here

Learn more about the Project for Publics Spaces and their community-focused initiative called "Placemaking"

Some of the specific Berea Podcast episodes referenced in this episode:

Troy interviews the “Jazz Walker” of Berea

Pat Bruner episode. Features audio pulled from a decades-old oral history compiled by the municipality of Berea.

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