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369 | 10 Lessons From 2021
Episode 36931st December 2021 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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In a year unlike any other, Cayla learned lessons that might have caused one to quit. But through God’s will and her determination to serve, Cayla learned the lessons necessary and is ready to move forward into 2022. Everything she is learning and going through, she brings the lesson to the podcast so you can get something out of it as well. 

In this episode, Cayla outlines ten of the lessons she learned in 2021, how they showed up in her life, and how she is taking those lessons into a new year. Some of the lessons were not surprising, but others shook up her life, so listen for sure and get a clear view of some things you can keep in mind as you continue leveling yourself up.

You will learn:

  • [1:54] - Every new level you get to, you learn the new you.
  • [2:36] - The difference between your assets and your expenses is everything.
  • [4:29] - You have to have fun. Cayla shares a personal experience with her TikTok coach.
  • [5:28] - Always be investing in yourself.
  • [6:53] - Another lesson that Cayla learned this year is that date nights are important.
  • [8:00] - Be a good steward of everything that has been given to you by being extremely intentional.
  • [9:18] - Cayla made changes to the Mommy Millionaire brand this year to make a bigger impact through simplicity.
  • [10:43] - What are you doing that is actually making a difference?
  • [12:56] - God’s will is my prosperity.
  • [15:01] - There is spiritual warfare happening at the moment. Cayla explains what is going on.
  • [16:27] - If you are confused, you are not living in the will of God. Know and be crystal clear about what you’re doing.
  • [18:03] - It is so crucial to lean into God's perspective.
  • [18:30] - Who you partner with matters. Not everyone gets to go with you to the next level.
  • [21:10] - God will make your mistakes prosper if you let him.
  • [22:11] - My heart is in the right place. I am here to serve with amazing people.

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