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TCA Ep1064: Is Tom Brady *Really* Retired, Super Bowl Thoughts, Leaving the All Star Game In The NHL’s Sunny South, The Ottawa Senators Continue To Baffle & More.
6th February 2023 • Tall Can Audio • Tall Can Audio
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We’re kicking off another week of Tall Can Audio with our boys Steve Bunda and Graham Creech in the TCA Studio with Matt Robinson.

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Lots to cover with the boys including Bunda’s return to the TSN Radio airwaves, Creech’s recent vacay to Mexico, whether Tom Brady’s retirement is for real this time, thoughts on a Super Bowl featuring the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, how to fix the NHL All Star Game, whether David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins is a top 5 player in the National Hockey League, the Ottawa Senators shoot themselves in the foot again by firing their minor league coach in Belleville, Bo Horvat signs a long term extension with the New York Islanders and Kyrie Irving finally ends his dysfunctional relationship with the Brooklyn Nets as he gets traded to the Dallas Mavericks.

All that and lots more with a couple great friends of the show.

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Support good friend of the show Steve Bunda’s mother as she tries to recover from a fire at her home and being defrauded by the company that was to rebuild her house.

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