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From the Gridiron to the Boardroom: Emmitt Smith's Entrepreneurial Journey
Episode 43213th June 2023 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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In this episode, Emmitt Smith, the legendary running back and former NFL player, takes the stage for an insightful conversation on his journey as an entrepreneur. Roland sets the stage by highlighting Emmitt's remarkable achievements on the football field and introduces him as not just a sports icon, but also a true professional and entrepreneur.

The conversation dives into Emmitt's early entrepreneurial endeavors, starting from his childhood days when he would cut grass in the neighborhood to earn money for personal expenses. He shares how his exposure to a family friend's construction business sparked his interest in entrepreneurship and how he started envisioning a life beyond the game of football.

Throughout the episode, Emmitt's entrepreneurial spirit shines, and he reflects on the valuable lessons he learned along the way. The episode provides a unique perspective on the intersection of sports and entrepreneurship, highlighting Emmitt Smith as not only a football legend but also a savvy businessman.

Join Roland Frasier & Emmitt Smith on this captivating episode as they share their  entrepreneurial journeys and offers valuable insights into the world of professional sports and business.

Key Timestamps: 

00:15: Introduction 

05:12:  The Start Of Emmitt Smith's entrepreneurial journey

10:10: Scholarships and financial aspects of college.

14:11: Time With Jerry Jones

15:27: Magic Johnson’s Footsteps

22:47: Development Deals 

32:26: Real Estate Opportunities 

36:53: The World Of Sports Memorabilia 

41:58: Apple Vs Android 

48:57: Attitude 



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