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BONUS- Accelerate Roundtable
16th April 2021 • Accelerant • Daxko
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This week’s Accelerant BONUS episode will inspire hope for a brighter future. On February 16th, Daxko hosted its inaugural Accelerate Leadership Roundtable with leaders from the movement including Kurtis Dawson (President and CEO at the YMCA Southern Arizona), Todd Rockoff (President and CEO at the Tusconn JCC), and Theresa Johnson (Chief Development and Marketing Officer at the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region). In this episode, your host Saranda West talks with Daxko CEO, Ron Lamb, about key insights from the webinar including new community partnerships, how to get creative with virtual offerings, and how they changed each found a unique rallying cry to support staff and community morale. Listen to these three leaders discuss their response to the pandemic and hear Ron’s thoughts on the emotional qualities of industry recovery.  


Click this link to hear the entire webinar 





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