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How data governance is revolutionizing treatment efficiency in healthcare with Roy Schmidt, Envision
13th September 2023 • Data Citizens Dialogues • Collibra
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In healthcare, data governance stands as a pivotal factor in improving both patient outcomes and operational efficiency. In this episode, Roy Schmidt, Data Governance Program Manager at Envision Healthcare, joins us to share an insider's perspective on how his organization has successfully implemented a robust data governance program, impacting both clinicians and patients alike. 

Roy delves into Envision Healthcare's transition toward value-based care, a model which rewards healthcare providers based on patient outcomes rather than services provided. Join us as we explore how combining effective data governance with a human-centric approach can make a transformative difference in healthcare delivery, patient satisfaction, and overall organizational goals.

Three reasons you should listen to this episode:

1. Real-World Success Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of Envision Healthcare's successful data governance model that optimizes healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

2. Value-Based Care Unveiled: Discover the critical role data governance plays in enabling a value-based care system, enhancing both patient satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

3. Human-Centric Data Governance: Learn how a people-first approach in data governance not only increases operational efficiency but also contributes to compassionate healthcare delivery systems.


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