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Healthy Frequencies: A Conversation with Alan R. Brunton - Part 2
Episode 1698th February 2023 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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“Think about the young college student, first year in college. Most people have to stay in the dormitory, and whenever they do, right next to their bed is their nightstand, which actually, probably, is a mini fridge. And so, as they're leaning up against their pillow with a nightlight on from their nightstand, there is a compressor and a motor that causes this hum and vibration which the body not only feels but hears. And so you're taken away from the optimized learning environment of the person who's trying to gather in more data because you have all this stuff going on around them.” -- Alan R. Brunton


This episode’s the second half of my interview with software developer, cymatics researcher, and Cymatrax CEO Alan R. Brunton, as we talk about how sound takes up a surprisingly large amount of our neural bandwidth, how our sonic environment can influence both our mental and physical health, and how cutting-edge audio treatments might revolutionize the field of medicine.

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Feeling the Difference

As the second half of our interview starts, Alan and I talk about how much mental real estate sound takes up without our realizing it, and he provides several practical examples of how this affects us in our everyday lives. “There is so much there,” he sums it up, “that is interfering with the cognition of the brain.” We talk about noise pollution and its effects on our health, and the benefits his clients have reported from his cymatic remastering of their audio files. As he quotes one client, a professional musician who specializes in sound therapy, “’I could feel this difference in twenty seconds.’”


The Human Potential

The topic shifts to some very cutting-edge studies on using sound to treat neurological disorders and even brain cancer. Alan tells us about the famous YouTube videos of cymatic sand vibrations and how they offer a metaphor for the unseen effects sound might have on a cellular level. “That is, in a way,” he says, “solidifying our understanding then of how the neurotransmitters could be formed also into a shape and be pushed forward to be able to move through the entire central nervous system much more efficiently.” As he puts it with his company’s motto, “we are here to raise the human potential.”


Letting People Evolve

“The CDC,” Alan says as our interview comes to a close, “is reporting that 85% of all disease is caused by stress.” He explains how stress weakens the immune system and how improving our soundscape, including eliminating white noise and boosting healing frequencies, could have dramatic benefits for both individuals and companies. “Over five billion people listen to digital audio every day,” he says, “I’m here to clean it up for them and let people evolve into their own potential.”


Episode Summary

  • How sound frequencies can both interfere with and boost our concentration
  • Recent studies on using the power of sound to treat illnesses
  • The hidden connection between sound waves, movement, and brain activity
  • How cymatic frequencies can lower stress and transform health care


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