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Episode 54 – The Journey: Resolve Your Past, Repair Your Marriage
28th October 2019 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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Our past has a voice and it is constantly speaking to us, the part that really sucks for us bro, is that we have little to no idea that it’s affecting our mood, decisions, and how we hear everything in life. I for one, am sick of my past having influence on my now, and my future. It takes “stones” to confront this. I challenge you to do it.

Have you created a place in your relationship to talk about your biggest insecurities, what scares you as a man? If you haven’t, we can help. If you are sick of constant conflict in your mind as well as your relationship dive in to this episode.

Episodes 1-10 can also help you, they are full of relationship tips and some of our experiences along the way. Do it