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Freedom Hack Radio - Bryce Robertson EPISODE 15, 7th August 2020
FHR#015: Dissecting our Dreams, The Divine, Angels, Sex, Guns, Snakes & Ayahuasca with Noeli Lytton
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FHR#015: Dissecting our Dreams, The Divine, Angels, Sex, Guns, Snakes & Ayahuasca with Noeli Lytton





  • Bryce talks to Noeli Lynton
  • Noeli is a retired school poetry teacher 
  • They talk about what dreams mean and the symbology within each dream
  • They discuss each dream theme; nightmares, violence, sex and symbolism


  • Noeli has taught dream-work classes for 40 years
  • She also offers classes in mythology, poetry and dream work 
  • She leads two small dream interpretation communities monthly
  • Dreams are there to push us towards our wholeness
  • There are no single meanings to a dream - there are about 10 levels of every dream
  • Only the dreamer knows the true meaning of their dreams
  • Nightmares are a shock technique by the body to wake us up to something that’s really out of balance.
  • They are like looking at part of ourselves that we’ve repressed or we’re embarrassed by
  • Shame comes up as a nightmare and tells us that that repressed part is needed
  • Violence in a dream means you have violent beliefs about yourself; something that you believe needs to be hurt
  • Sexual dreams means an encounter with the divine, or ‘the great other’
  • Rape dreams mean that you’re dealing with something that you don’t want to and are being confronted with something you don’t believe 
  • A cheating dream means something that you admire in that person isn’t dedicated to your ego anymore. It’s a feeling like you’re cheating yourself out of that quality
  • In these cases ask the dreamer ‘how have you been cheating yourself recently’
  • Reoccurring dreams are not necessarily more important than other one-off dreams
  • These mean that the soul is trying to work through a problem or a hurt
  • Symbols in a dream represent a quality or something from our psychic nature
  • e.g. animals in dreams are symbols of our instinctive nature
  • For example a dog is your unconditional love for yourself so you need to see how that dog is being treated in the dream. Is it alive, is it on a chain etc
  • Always try and write down your dream at any point you can remember it. This honors the dream and allows you to remember more in the future.