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Jesus Redefined How I Think About Relationships
6th September 2023 • Jesus Taught Me That • BeFun BeKind Podcasts
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Join us in talking to Dr. Calvin Tibbs, Pastor of Kingdom Dominion Church and CEO of Daylight Ministries. We will be talking about how to have a Christ centered relationship and why this conversation is an important one to have. Discover how to keep Jesus at the center of your relationship with your partner, family, and your co-workers.

What is a Christ centered relationship? Dr. Tibbs focuses on bridging generational gaps and helping younger generations build more fulfilling relationships. You will learn three questions to ask yourself as you approach relationship development and how to fulfill your unique purpose in life. We'll ask 'Why am I here?', 'What am I supposed to do?', and 'How can I improve?'. If don't tackle some of the foundational questions allowing other people into our life in a meaningful way can become challenging.

We want to make sure you understand how to move forward with productive relationship development with tools you can start applying immediately.

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