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04 - Antony Vitillo (aka Skarredghost): New Technology Walkers Founder
4th February 2022 • VR Expert Podcast • VR Expert
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We recently sat down with Antony Vitillo also known as Skarredghost. Antony is one of the co-founders of New Technology Walkers a consultancy group in the field of virtual and augmented reality. Along with this he is also collaborating with VRrOOM in the field of virtual concerts and festivals, one such event was awarded the "Best XR Event" by XR Must.

Along with his business ventures, Skarredghost which he is often known as is widely regarded as one of the best bloggers and speakers in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality. His blog website The Ghost Howls has been awarded and recognized as one of the top 50 VR websites multiple times.

During our conversation, we discussed his introduction to virtual reality, his current ventures as well as his predictions for virtual and augmented reality.

He went into depth on Meta and the possible issues that may arise by its dominance in the consumer market. Who he sees as a possible long term competitor for them. He talks about the possible Apple Headset, Samsungs low profile and Sony's missed opportunity to challenge the Quest.

Antony also went into depth on the VR business market and the flourishing diversity of brands in all different categories like Varjo, Pico, XTAL, Lynx, HTC Vive and more.

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