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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 293, 28th January 2020
Ep. 293 - Biohacking Your Hormones with Alisa Vitti
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Ep. 293 - Biohacking Your Hormones with Alisa Vitti


To kick off today’s episode on hormones, K + L share some background on their journeys, and what they focus on today. They dig into the healing of hormones, like changing aspects of their diets and aligning workouts to their cycles. The ladies also explain why they decided to stop synthetic birth control and how it affected them after.



Today we are talking hormones, cycle syncing, and sex with Functional Nutritionist, Women’s Hormone Expert and author of the Top 50 bestselling women’s health book, WomanCode Alisa Vitti! Her new book, In the FLO, teaches you how to biohack your cycle for better health, sex, productivity, and relationships using The Cycle Syncing Method.

Alisa explains the four phases of our cycles and the corresponding hormones. She explores how your diet and exercise can vary depending on the phase you are in, revealing that napping can be just as effective as working out! We talk about how to unlock creative power, connect more with your feminine, and have increased energy with each phase. Alisa also unpacks the health benefits of the orgasmic plateau, the amount of foreplay you need during each phase, and supplements for orgasms and libido.


We also talk about:

  • Infradian clock vs. circadian rhythm
  • Men vs. women’s hormone cycles
  • Signs your hormones are out of balance
  • POWR acronym
  • 1st step to beginning Cycle Syncing Method
  • Hormonal birth control’s effect on the (lack of) phases
  • Orgasmic plateau vs. climax
  • Key things to know for sexual response
  • Which phases are wet or dry
  • Cycle Syncing when transitioning sex


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