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Interview with Brand & Marketing Motivator, Corey Dissin - Part 1
Episode 218th April 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Corey Dissin was only 19 when he first got into the world of audio and sound. He started answering phones as a volunteer with Paul Turner Productions (now Propulsion Media Labs). His volunteering later morphed into an internship, at which point he met Paul. The two formed a friendship, and later Paul began allowing Corey to sit in and watch him record voiceover sessions and produce commercials. At the end of the day, Paul would let Corey stay around in the studio and “play,” and that was how Corey began to learn how to produce audio. Paul later hired Corey, and through that work, Corey not only sharpened his production skills, but he also learned marketing. Today, Corey is a marketing coach, hosts two podcasts, and is the Vice President of Propulsion Media Labs. He is also “the undisputed heavyweight champion of content.”

In the first part of our interview, we discussed a bit more about his beginnings with Paul Turner Productions. We also talked about: 

  • How Propulsion Media Labs offers turnkey video and audio production services for a large variety of businesses, serving as a secret weapon for many of its customers
  • Corey’s role in the sales process of recruiting talent while working with Paul Turner
  • How Corey got involved in the voiceover end of things with Paul Turner Productions
  • How Propulsion Media Labs sets itself apart from the competition
  • Why Corey fired himself ten years ago
  • How to choose the right voice for a project
  • How Corey’s knowledge about the key marketing aspects of growing a voiceover business morphed into the coaching he does today
  • Corey’s signature phrase, “Go get it!”
  • Corey’s belief that “It’s not what you do it with. It’s what you do with it.”
  • The one skill that most voiceover talent, producers, graphic designers, freelancers, and solopreneurs overlook 
  • How businesses are missing out by not utilizing social media to its maximum potential

To learn more about Corey Dissin, you can visit . You can also check out his Go Get It podcast at and his One More Round podcast at .

You can also find out more about Propulsion Media Labs at

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