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Episode 35 – ABSTRAX Tech – Enhancing the Cannabis Testing Process Through Science
9th July 2020 • Cannabis Tech Talks • Cannabis & Tech Today
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On this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, Managing Editor Patricia Miller interviews Maxwell and Kevin Koby of ABSTRAX Tech, a company specializing in botanical extraction, terpene, and aroma compound research. The Koby Brothers are taking a scientific approach to cannabis testing — far beyond quality control — and have developed a unique way to test for molecules often overlooked with standard testing techniques. The brothers were recently credited with the discovery of “the Gas” compounds, which are responsible for the dank, skunky aroma unique to cannabis. This refined testing will one day allow scientists to rank cannabis based on its unique chemical qualities, rather than through consumer reviews, which is how most cannabis is rated today. Find out more About ABSTRAX Tech and the Koby Brothers at their website: Today’s Episode of Cannabis Tech Talks is sponsored by DAMA Financial, offering banking solutions for the cannabis industry. Find out more at





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