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Accelerating Sustainable Energy Solutions for Manufacturers with Gareth Evans
Episode 3220th May 2024 • The Manufacturers' Network • Lisa Ryan
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In this episode, Lisa Ryan interviews Gareth Evans, the CEO and founder of VECKTA, a platform and team of experts that accelerates and simplifies the deployment of on-site energy solutions for businesses globally. With 20 years of experience in the energy and resources sectors, Gareth shares valuable insights into the energy transition, clean energy alternatives, and the future of sustainable energy solutions in this captivating discussion.

**Key Themes and Takeaways**

1. Gareth’s Unique Journey: Gareth shares his unexpected and diverse journey, from aspiring to be a fast jet pilot in the Air Force to becoming an expert in the energy and resources sectors.

2. The Birth of VECKTA: Inspired by his experience supporting ExxonMobil and others after the 2nd Gulf War, Gareth’s mission was to provide clean, reliable, and affordable power, leading to the establishment of VECKTA in 2019.

3. What VECKTA Stands For: Gareth breaks down the meaning of VECKTA, derived from the word “vector.” VECKTA symbolizes providing magnitude, direction, and scale to the energy transition, focusing on creating sustainable solutions.

4. Energy Transition and Business Impact: Gareth explains that businesses must produce more products, more reliably, at lower costs, and in a cleaner way to win or retain contracts despite increasing energy costs and decreasing reliability in the aging power grid.

5. Role of Government Policies: Gareth discusses the impact of government policies and regulations, highlighting incentives and mechanisms that support businesses in transitioning to distributed on-site energy assets.

6. Digital Technologies and Data: The rise of digital technologies, data, and analytics transforms how businesses manage and optimize their energy use, enabling businesses to make informed decisions to reduce energy costs.

7. Energy Efficiency Priorities: Gareth emphasizes the importance of energy efficiency, ranging from behavioral changes to technological solutions, and highlights opportunities for businesses to reduce energy consumption and costs through various strategies.

8. Clean Energy and The Role of Gas: Gareth dispels common misconceptions about clean energy, emphasizing the importance of tailoring energy solutions to a business’s specific needs, even if that includes transitional fuel solutions such as gas, which can be cleaner and more cost-effective.

9. Lessons Learned and Opportunities: The episode concludes with a powerful message from Gareth, encouraging businesses to embrace the energy transition as a massive opportunity to differentiate themselves, drive operational and cost efficiencies, and contribute to sustainability.

**Lessons Learned**

- Business leaders are being expected to produce more products reliably, cost-effectively, and sustainably, necessitating a shift towards cheaper, more reliable, and sustainable energy outcomes.

- Embracing energy transition presents a unique opportunity for businesses to stand out by optimizing energy solutions, reducing costs, increasing resilience, and proactively meeting sustainability goals.

**Fun Facts**

- Gareth shares how solar systems are being deployed even in unexpected regions with low sunlight, highlighting the surprising potential for solar energy generation.

- Businesses can take advantage of energy as a service contract, where an entity will finance, build, operate, and maintain energy solutions, offering a hassle-free pathway to securing sustainable energy at a fixed cost.

To learn more about VECTA and energy transformation, visit []( and the Renewable Rides podcast for more exciting information about sustainable energy solutions.

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