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Creative Ways of Finding Working Capital in Our New Reality with Dan Reeve from Esker and Vikas Shah from LSQ
Episode 79321st December 2021 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Business leaders are being challenged to find funding and the financial wherewithal required to fuel their growth in ‘The New Abnormal.’ And while most discussions about the impact of a cash crunch focus on small and medium-sized businesses, larger enterprises are having to get creative as well. Decades’ old commercial lending practices are ripe for disruption, and the current business environment may create just the circumstances that would be required to usher in a new, better way.

In this episode, guests Dan Reeve with Esker & Vikas Shah from LSQ talk about tackling a different kind of supply chain – the financial supply chain. Instead of being worried about materials and merchandise getting caught up in a congested port, they are helping leaders explore innovative ways to increase access to working capital, such as through supply chain financing and dynamic discounting.

In this livestream-based interview, Dan and Vikas join co-hosts Scott Luton and Allison Giddens to share some of their industry observations and discuss some of the solutions organizations are using to increase supply chain resilience:

- Truly partnering with other companies in the supply chain may require them to identify ways they can add value to their counterparties, and access to cash is always on the table

- Understanding that visibility into the working capital situation is just as important as having a transparent supply chain

- Why access to working capital may determine which small, or diverse-owned suppliers are able to seize this moment to grow their business

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