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Visualise You - Beth Hewitt EPISODE 7, 7th October 2020
How to do Online Reputation Management the Right Way with Pascal Fintoni Part 1
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How to do Online Reputation Management the Right Way with Pascal Fintoni Part 1

In Episode #7, I am joined by Pascal Fintoni, who talks to us about how to do online reputation management the right way online. This is a two-part episode starting with how you can use storytelling techniques to build your online reputation.

This episode is for you, If you're creating content day in, day out, but you aren't yet seeing increased revenue, sales and customers. Pascal takes us back to the roots of storytelling and the power of being able to engage and develop your brand online.

We also discuss using different customer service tiers in your business and Pascal has combined his passion for film and marketing in his new podcast, two geeks and a marketing podcast as well as in his work with clients. 

Check back for part 2 of this conversation where we discuss content creation, and the importance of visibility, credibility, and interactivity.

I hope you enjoyed this one. 

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