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Stop Creating Blogs, Posts, Episodes, & Emails That Don't Bring You Paying Clients |EP 54
Episode 5422nd April 2024 • Unjaded: Human Design for Intentional Entrepreneurs • Vickie Dickson
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In this episode I unpack with you, what the Content by Design course is - and how it can help you to create content that converts into paying clients, on a regular basis.

Save the date! The cart is open to the LIVE round of Content by Design. Ready to transform your own content creation - and your bottom line in the process? We start this week!

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In this episode, you will hear:

  • What exactly IS ‘Content by Design’?
  • How to do the work that you came here to do - so that you can have the impact that you came here to have.
  • WHY ‘Content by Design’ is different.
  • How to speak directly to your soul-fit, paying clients.
  • What you will learn in ‘Content by Design’ - and what results will be seen in your business.
  • Spoiler alert! There are EIGHT calls with me, and an additional THREE calls with my Community Manager.
  • What BONUSES you get access to as a ‘Content by Design’ student. And how THOSE will also impact your business.

PS: Do you want to transform your business - and call in your soul-fit, paying clients? The cart is open to the LIVE round of Content by Design. We start this week!

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