Sustainable Packaging in the Restaurant Industry
Episode 3019th April 2021 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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For restaurants, packaging is not just a method of transporting food. Packaging is a unique opportunity to create a branded experience that tells your customer what you are about. COVID accelerated the growth of delivery and takeaway and many restaurants were not prepared from a packaging standpoint.

This week on Order Up, we’ve brought in a panel of experts on packaging to discuss functionality, safety, and sustainability. Ashley Elzinga, Director of Sustainability & Outreach at Foodservice Packaging Institute, moderated this discussion with Missy Schaaphok, Susan Miles, and Kristine Kinger. We followed this up with an interview with Laura Abshire, Director of Food and Sustainability Policy at the National Restaurant Association.

Listen to learn how to strategize the best packaging for your restaurant.

  • (00:14) - Webinar panel
  • (01:45) - Recipe For Good
  • (05:35) - Shifting to sustainable packaging
  • (08:48) - Safety, sanitation, and supply security
  • (12:55) - Innovation on pause
  • (15:00) - Positive consumer sentiment
  • (19:43) - Interview with Laura Abshire
  • (21:16) - Packaging and sustainability challenges
  • (23:47) - Packaging trends
  • (26:40) - Regulations and legislation
  • (28:30) - Sustainability initiatives
  • (30:30) - Transitioning to a post-COVID era

Take a listen to the full webinar here (passcode: f1u@sZYU):

Learn more here:

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