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TWP 010: The Legacy of Women
Episode 1014th May 2018 • The We Podcast with Sarah Monares • Sarah Monares and Loudspeaker Studios
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We are in the double digits! This week is episode #10 of The We Podcast! On this episode I talk about the legacy of women. With Mother’s day just yesterday, it’s something that is at the top of all our minds. What if the legacy of women before you has been strained or hurtful? How do you deal with that? Also, what legacy are you leaving for the future generations of women and how do we create a culture of support as a whole? I believe that we must dive into the hard stuff and uncover an awareness so that we can heal, move forward, grow, and live happily in the present. I can’t wait for you to give it a listen and as always welcome your thoughts!

Plus, since we are in the double digits with episode #10… Hop on over and visit me on my Facebook and/or Instagram pages to be entered to win an awesome self-care package! It’s my way of saying thank you for being such awesome listeners and coming along on this authentic journey together!



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