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243 | A Powerful Question
Episode 7415th May 2019 • The Inner Changemaker Show • Jay Wong
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Recently I was at a dinner where I wasn't supposed to be...

Has that happened to you recently?  

I find myself in them from time to time...

So I devised go-to moves when it comes to these situations. 

Over the last few years, I discovered how to maneuver these situations with certain go-to questions. 

In this episode, I share a few of them. 

However, there was one that was asked from someone else...

And the answer changed my perspective. 

It might help change yours too on the matter at hand. 

Time and enjoyment. 

Hard for me to type out - you might as well take a listen. 

If you heard it and have any thoughts or feedback, I would love to hear it. (on the left side) 


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