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10. Claim Your Paper! How to ask for more money (Part 1)
Episode 1014th September 2022 • Her Next Career Move • Jasmine Escalera
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Do the words "salary negotiation" make you tense and nervous?

Let's dispel those fears by getting super clear on what you need to prepare being initiating that conversation.

In this three-part series, we're gonna deep dive into salary negotiation, so you can earn your worth at last. In today's episode, Dr. Jasmine will walk you through the two tangible steps you need to start the salary negotiation process and feel CONFIDENT going in!

Get ready to feel like a badass woman who knows her worth. 😎


In today's episode, we cover:

  • Reflections on getting ready to move to Miami
  • What you can expect throughout this three-episode series dedicated to claiming your paper! 🤑
  • How to connect to your dope self and get crystal clear on the badass things you bring to the table
  • Keeping an "I'm the shit" journal
  • Not being afraid to ask
  • Research, research, research!



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