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Benjamin from Lawful Great Adventures
Episode 1116th June 2021 • How Not to Dungeon Master • T4C Studios
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Benjamin knew a few things when he started Lawful Great Adventures. He wanted to flip the typical TTRPG trope of going on an adventure to some unknown place and instead made it a journey home, and he wanted to really lean into the cast when he was crafting the story so the world was as real to his players as it was to him. 

We chatted about these choices, as well as about what he might have changed if he could go back and start all over again. Not that he wants to, but he's got a few ideas and tricks up his sleeve for anyone thinking of making the plunge into Actual Play podcasts.

Follow Benjamin on Twitter, and get your journey started with Lawful Great Adventures too. 

If you're interested in the Star Wars game Benjamin plays in, click the link or search for Shared Experience on podcast platforms.

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