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How To Listen To Your Emotions (and why it really matters that you do)
Episode 5419th September 2023 • Mentally Stronger • Melli O'Brien
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While we all face difficult emotions at various times in our lives, we each respond differently. We might keep ourselves busy, trying to bury them under work and responsibilities. We might bombard ourselves with endless content, escaping into virtual or fictional worlds. Some look to external sources to numb or distract from pain, while others resist or reject it from within, deeming it illogical or excessive, or simply denying it altogether. Though all of these reactions are perfectly normal, they’re not helpful, ultimately serving to prolong and intensify our distress. Maybe that’s because these feelings are here to sabotage and destroy us. Or maybe, just maybe, they’re trying to tell us something.

In this episode of Mentally Stronger, I invite you to try a three-step process to bring mindful awareness to your emotions and let them guide you to identify and meet your needs to promote strength and wellbeing. Through treating your emotions as teachers instead of adversaries, you can find calm, compassion and soothing even in the midst of adversity.

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