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Episode 2715th March 2024 • Golf Lovers United: Discussing Golf, the Fair Way • Golf Lovers United
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In this episode, Ben and Jay discuss various topics related to golf.

They start by discussing Jay Monahan's latest speech and the divide between the PGA Tour and LIV.

Ben shares his experience of his golf trip to Jeddah and the impressive Royal Greens course. They also talk about the undulations and elevation changes on golf courses, using Jeddah and Hong Kong as examples.

The conversation then shifts to Matteo Manassaro's win on the DP World Tour and the challenges faced by professional golfers, including the financial aspects and travel demands.

They conclude by discussing the idea of a global tour and the need for collaboration between different golf tours.

The conversation covers Stuart Lanley's' tough life on the tour, the PGA Tour's guaranteed stipend, the frustration and anger on the PGA Tour, Scottie Scheffler's putting record, the return of Anthony Kim, and dealing with negative comments and bullying.


  • There is a divide between the PGA Tour and Live, and J Monahan's speech highlighted the differences in leadership and direction.
  • Golf courses like Royal Greens in Jeddah and Hong Kong Golf Club have unique undulations and elevation changes that may not be fully captured on camera.
  • Matteo Manassaro's win on the DP World Tour after 11 years shows the mental fortitude required in professional golf.
  • Being a professional golfer is challenging, with financial uncertainties and the demands of travel.
  • The idea of a global tour, with collaboration between different golf tours, could help address some of the challenges faced by professional golfers.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Discussion of Jay Monahan's latest speech
  • 03:15 Discussion of Golf Trip to Jeddah
  • 11:05 Undulations and Elevation Changes on Golf Courses
  • 20:13 Review of Hong Kong Open and Jordan Smith's Performance
  • 28:18 Reflection on the Challenges of Being a Professional Golfer
  • 32:12 Discussion on the Global Tour and Travel Challenges
  • 33:12 Stuart Manley's' tough life on the Tour
  • 36:31 PGA Tour's Guaranteed Stipend
  • 39:07 The Frustration and Anger on the PGA Tour
  • 44:58 Scottie Scheffler's Putting Record
  • 49:33 The Return of Anthony Kim
  • 56:28 Dealing with Negative Comments and Bullying
  • 01:00:54 Supporting the Show and Raising Funds

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