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Episode 3: CEO Shares Her Highly Successful Career Shaped entirely by The Hidden Job Market. An Interview with Natasha Rouse CEO of Birmingham Highways
Episode 315th May 2020 • Career Move SECRETS with Tony Talbot • Tony Talbot
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Most people think that most jobs are found via an online job advert. I know this is not the case and I'm on a mission to educate job seekers that 80% of the jobs filed each year are not advertised online or anywhere else.

The hidden job market is the major job market, particularly for more senior hires.

Often this market comes to you but there are ways that you can access this market and even create your own job. I can show you how to access this market effectively.

I interview Natasha Rouse the CEO Of Birmingham Highways and learn that in a very successful 20 year career she has never applied for a job posting.

She has however worked with me in the past to pro-actively find a new opportunity and together we outline how this process works.

If you are active in the job market learn the pro-active strategy you should adopt.