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The Word on Heardle & How to Combat the Rise of Misinformation | TF297
Episode 29715th March 2022 • The Feed with Amber Mac & Michael B • AmberMac Media
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We dive into the concepts of misinformation and disinformation, which are on the rise following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist, Dr. Roy Perlis, joins us to explain the effect of misinformation on our mental health. Also, we talk to Dr. Farzaneh Ahmadi, CEO of Laronix, about their smart wearable electronic voice prosthesis, Bionic Voice. The Bionic Voice uses AI software that learns and mimics the natural voice of a patient who has lost their voice due to cancer. In Socially Speaking, we discuss what to do about polarizing language online.

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Time Stamps for Segments:

Segment 1: 8:55 Debunking Misinformation

Segment 2: 17:54 Apptastic

Segment 3:  25:31 Misinformation & Mental Health

Segment 4:  33:09 Giving Voice To Those That Lost Theirs

Segment 5:  41:20 Polarizing Language