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Mental training and virtual reality with Sense Arena [Ep.171]
Episode 1718th November 2022 • The Functional Tennis Podcast • Fabio Molle
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This week I do a deep dive into mental training and virtual reality with a new tool on the market called Sense Arena.

We are also giving away a Sense Arena Kit and you can get the details here.

I speak to 2 Sense Arena Ambassadors  Pavel Vizner (Former ATP doubles no.5) and Beau Treyz (ATP Coach) as well Yannick Yoshizawa.

We chat about mental training in tennis, and what it means to Pavel and Beau. We then find out about Sense Arena, its advantages, how it can be used, scenarios it is used and how it can replicate real-world nerves.

Yannick then gives us a breakdown of costs and further details on Sense Arena.

Hope you enjoy it


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