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Social Listening Tools | How to Avoid a $180 Million Mistake?
Episode 123rd June 2021 • Growth Velocity Show - Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and Startup Tip‪s‬ • Howard Kingston
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#001 - How Do You Avoid Making a $180 MILLION mistake? Simple really - it's all down to Listening 😏Social Listening 😳 Let’s take a look at the United Airlines case, where not using social listening tools has turned into a huge loss of money and prestige. In this episode, I explain what social listening is, and why you should use it. Also the best social listening tools I prefer and the basic differences between Google Alerts, Hootsuite, and Mention.

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What is up everyone, Howard here from Growth Velocity Academy.

Hope you're incredible.

So how can you avoid making a 180 million dollar mistake?

That's a big mistake but it happened to this one company I want to talk about today and I will talk about three tools that you can use to avoid it [Music]

So what are we here talking about today?

Well a few years ago there was a bit of a scandal there was a band music band were traveling across the us and they were sitting on their airline they were flying with united airlines and they're sitting on the plane kind of chilling waiting for the flight to take off and one of the guitarists looks out the window and he saw that the airline kind of packagers was throwing their guitars across the tarmac! Right imagine you're sitting on the plane, you can't get off the plane, your prize guitar you're a musician is being thrown from one person to another person when they're unloading the baggage, and guess what happens?

You see them, the guy drops your guitar, throws it from one person to the other and they drop the guitar! Now the plane took off and they were sweating and when it finally landed when they got their bag you know, you could imagine what they were thinking. Waiting for the bag to come around and they had a gig on that night you can imagine when the bag came along they opened up the bag and it was their prized possession, their guitar was broken and bits now at the time the the band members kind of went on to facebook and stuff emailed, you know emailed the company. United Airlines called them and they got the standard stock response oh please see my terms and conditions and all this kind of stuff you know, when you're trying to approach a company just hearing nothing back they were frustrated so what did he do well there were musicians so they had a bit of fun and he created a song called “United Breaks Guitars” and it kind of went viral. Now this is a few years ago but I recommend at some point not during this because you'll miss the rest of the story and the lessons here but afterward, just google “United Breaks Guitars” and you'll see that there's a youtube video with like hundreds of millions of views and it became really famous. And anyway, the band created a song. They got back the way that they could because they couldn't go back to normal ways and this story, this music video started going viral and it started racking up thousands and millions and then millions of views.

And next thing it was on the news right probably about five six days later it hit the news. Because it got so big and at that point it was, you know the saying the horse had bolted, at this point finally only after it hit the news, did united airlines realize what happened. But by that time it was too late and united airlines had one of the biggest PR disasters in recent history

Certainly in related to kind of like the internet and it was really famously this thing happened the mistake that cost united airlines 1.4 billion in one day and it's really talking about how the united airlines team did not know this was happening until it was way too late until basically.

You know it was already in the mainstream news and at that point it was just way too too late so how do you avoid that as a company as a marketer like you're like if you're an entrepreneur you don't want to have it to happen to you and if you're a marketer in a business you want you should be the person that knows what's happening first so you can tell your company and stuff.

Right so how do you avoid it well really simply you avoid it using something called social listening tools okay social listening tools and there's a couple of them I'm going to recommend that you can use super easily and it essentially listens for you on the internet. And so if anyone mentions your your name your personal name your company name one of your products.

Whether it be on social media or someone writes an article about it you get notified the minute it gets published. Because can you imagine if that was the case if United Airlines had actually done that they would have known about this thing really really early. And who knows if they would have responded, but they certainly would have been able to have the choice to respond early.

Once they started seeing that this was gathering a little bit of momentum, they could have reached out to the people and chances are they could have kind of killed the story quite quickly. Or certainly managed the story, would have been a different outcome and it wouldn't have been the big mistake that it became.

All right so what are the three tools I’d recommend to you to get started

Most of these tools are completely free to use and simple to set up.

The first one and the easiest one is Google Alerts. Google has its own kind of listening tools and that are completely free to use and very easy to set up. If you just google the words google alerts you can set up a number of alerts to monitor for certain keywords what kind of keywords might they be?

So for example, if someone you know mentions your company, mentions one of your products, or mentions your specific name these are all things that you really should be keeping track of, and the great thing is, it is free to use. So this is like probably the leading kind of listening tool it's so simple it's completely free and really there's no reason not to use it. And every reason to use it. So that's the first of the tools.

The second is one called Hootsuite. Now hootsuite aren't the only people that do this, there's a lot of other social media listening tools that do this like sprout social do a buffer do it to a degree um hootsuite personally has always been my preference again you can use this feature free.

In hootsuite and it's really really powerful and you can use this like not only for again your product names your company names things like that if anyone is is talking about on social and particularly.

The difference between just to be clear the difference between google alerts and hootsuite is that google alerts will focus on websites, whereas hootsuite will focus on social. Okay. So that's like the key difference there and there are smart things you can do with the hootsuite one as well as just monitoring for your own company name.

I'll give you an example. One time I was flying from Us to London and Virgin Atlantic lost one of my bags. And I went on to Twitter and I tweeted to virgin saying “Guys terrible customer service, delayed seven hours and lost my bag!” within minutes a company from the Netherlands tweeted me back, going “Hey Howard, I see you had a delay. Did you know you're eligible for 700eur?”

700 euro worth of compensation, because of this ruling I had i didn't know. Fill out this form and we'll take care of it for you.

So can you see what happened there they acquired me as a customer through social listening.

I signed up through i got my compensation through them that's obviously their business model they make money somewhere. I don't know where but essentially they use social listening to acquire me as a customer.

So this social listening stuff can also be done as a bit of a kind of what you might call a growth hack I suppose to acquire customers.

So Google Alerts was one,Hootsuite is the other and then there's a third one I'd also recommend.

Which is The difference between Hootsuite and Google Alerts; Google Alerts is for web, Hootsuite is for social mention kind of does a bit of everything and it goes a bit deeper and will go into like forums and things like that it goes quite deeply and it also has analytics attached to it. You can get for free but like a lot of the power in it comes from the paid version. So if you want to get a little bit more power does everything in one box and I think it's pretty good.

So guys hopefully that's been useful.

What I wanted to cover in this video was How to avoid a 100 million dollar mistake like United Airlines did and you really do it through using social tools and web listening tools

Like the three I just explained. I’d love to know what you learned from this session and if there's anyone else you know that would find this session valuable, please either share it with them or tag them in it now.

Peace out guys and look forward to seeing you on the next episode.