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Ep #125 - Claiming Your Space to go Deeper
Episode 12512th February 2020 • Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
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One of the books that changed my life, and continues to transform it every time I pick it up, is 'Circle of Stones' by Judith Duerk. When I found it, it was the first time I'd ever felt invited into another way of viewing being a woman: a way that felt so ancient yet so familiar. A way which I realised I was craving.

And it hasn't changed.

The Circle of Stones reminds us, as mamas and as woman, that there needs to be a place of women, to learn the way of women.
And I hope that this podcast is a place for you to do that too - to learn the ways of women and mama.

In this episode, I ask you about SPACE.
Space to go deeper, to be quiet, to ask what matrescence is transforming in you.
Do you have that space? Even if its just a few minutes a day, or a tiny 'closet' in your house, like Judith Duerk speaks about?

This is what we need mamas.
Space, and a place and way of women and mama.

My REDEFINE program - a 40 day online program that will hold the space for you to learn YOUR ways of being a mama and a woman, a warrior and a lover - is open for a very short time. Join us by Friday 14th here.