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How to use tricks to improve your pics with Liz Gregg
Episode 608th April 2021 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Would you love to learn how to take scroll stopping photos of your pet?

To celebrate having fun with your dog while attracting fans and potentially clients too?

If so then you will love this episode with accidental online sensation Liz Gregg.

Liz is a professional photographer and creator of the Instagram account.

The adventures of Elsa, Jeannie and Dolly have led to her being featured by Instagram three times and 45,000 followers. (correct at time of writing)

In this episode Liz shares loads of tips on how to take better photos of your dog, her passion for sharing positive reinforcement training and how she started out in her granny’s cupboard.

Key timings and topics in this episode:

0.30 - Intro to the episode and what to expect

2.22 - Intro to Liz and her background as a photographer

2.52 - Starting out with a dark room at her grandmother’s house 

4.00 - How Liz would badger magazine editors to hire her as a photographer at the beginning 

6.30 - The challenges of photography 20 years ago compared to now

7.10 - Why magazines don’t want overly re-touched or filtered photos

8.14 - Why it’s important for businesses have photos - and it’s tax deductible 

10.05 - Why Liz loves her dogs bringing joy to people worldwide!

10.30 - How the account started with a studio shoot for Cosmopolitan on how to make your dog insta famous.

11.30 - Keeping her account fresh and taking photos each day

13.37 - About Black White Gold and what to expect from the account

14.00 - Liz’s mission to show how positive reinforcement helps our dogs

14.30 - How she wants to spread her message to owners in America who might use methods at odds with her training style

17.29 - How Dolly and Elsa are showing how senior dogs can be healthy and have fun

19.31 - Educating people about how older dogs can play safely with balls and enjoy games while supporting joints

21.45 - What people like about the account - the dogs happy and having fun

22.45 - Being real and the dogs being real and why this makes her account relatable

26.00 - How Liz got featured by Instagram and 1 million likes

29.33 - How Liz uses tricks to get brilliant photos

30.18 - Silvia Trickman training and how Liz followed the Lolabuland method 

32.04 - Why you shouldn’t make your dog sit to get great photos but use toys!

33.51 - Be fun with your dog

37.22 - How tricks can help recall 

38.49 - Liz’s Snap Catch photos and how to do them

43.18 - About the Snap Catch tour and how you can get involved

47.03 - How it works on a shoot with Liz

48.48 - Working with dogs with challenging personalities

50.00 - How Liz works with dogs who aren’t confident at first to reassure them

54.02 - Working with older dogs

56.43 - Where to find out more about Liz and how to get in touch

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