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Strides in Recovery – Leslie Gold, Executive Director
Episode 721st January 2022 • Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner! • Jim Lynch
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Hello Runners,

Happy New Year!

This is a podcast episode I've wanted to complete for several months and what better time than New Years Day.

Earlier last year (2021), I had the opportunity to be in Los Angeles and met up with Leslie Gold, Executive Director, who started the non-profit, Strides in Recovery. We met at Chabad Treatment Center.

Strides in Recovery is a Los Angeles based nonprofit dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction. They work collaboratively with addiction treatment providers and other recovery communities such as the Beacon House, leading goal-oriented group running and walking programs for people with substance use disorders. 

Leslie is an amazing woman making quite a difference in so many lives with Strides in Recovery. Her commitment, dedication, consistency, and passion mixed with her love of running is giving those in their recovery journey encouragement and hope. Strides in Recovery provides a healthy platform for those in recovery to accomplish what they never thought possible. And, this all started from Leslie responding to an Ad. 

I walked away from my conversation with Leslie and those in recovery feeling enriched and hopeful, knowing Strides in Recovery is a positive, healthy program that will succeed in changing lives. And you will be touched in some way as you listen. I consider this the most important running episode I've released since I started the Feel Good Running podcast.

Maybe this episode will trigger you to make a difference by volunteering for a recovery program in your community. If you live in Los Angeles, check out Strides in Recovery. It may just change your life!

Thank you for listening to the Feel Good Running Podcast, and please share this with your running friends and on your social media platforms. I would very much appreciate it.

Make a difference today! And remember to be kind to others, even if some are not kind to you. It's good for the soul!

~ Jim



Strides in Recovery - Website - FB Page - Instagram - DONATE TO STRIDES IN RECOVERY

Los Angeles Based Recover Centers - Awakening Recovery - SHAWL Woman's House - House of Hope - Beacon House - Chabad Treatment Center - Fred Brown Recovery Services - The Last House - Tulua House


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