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Klaas van Oosterhout helps entrepreneurial parents Become The Me I Want To Be
Episode 227th August 2021 • Expert Talk with TGo • Theresa Goss
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Hey, everybody. Welcome to the show. You know where you are Expert Talk with me TGo and as always, you know, I love bringing experts from everywhere in the world. And today is no different. Today is no different today. We have Klaas van Oosterhout. Now, hopefully I said that correctly because he coached me a little bit, but this guy loves to be a Dad..

He loves being a family man, but he also loves helping you get your ideal life. So sit right there. We'll be right back. Expert Talk is brought to you in part by PodNation TV, the Podcast to Broadcast network. Okay. Expert Talk is produced and distributed by Melrose 11, LLC lights cameras take action with Melrose 11 Hey Klaas What's happening?

Doing good. Doing good. Thanks for inviting me for being on the show. Very excited. Thanks for being on the show now, where are you in the world and what heck time is it All right? It's a 9:00 PM past 9:00 PM. And right now, well, right now I'm living in Spain. I was actually born into the Netherlands and now 12 years ago,

f people are watching this in:

So your what's going on. I'm okay with it. I'm okay with it. I mean, you know, it's hard, it's hard sometimes, you know, you're, I'm, I'm, I'm born in Netherlands, so I'm definitely, you know, I'm rooting for the Netherlands always. So I, I'm not going to lie. I was upset when,

you know, when the Netherlands got eliminated pretty quickly, We're saying pretty quickly, okay, we're going to let you get away with that. For me. That was, yeah. And then Spain, Italy was, and it was a good game and Italy won just, you know, just like that. And I said from the beginning, when, when I saw the first match of Italy,

I'm like these, these are the guys that are gonna win it. They looked better. They were sharper more concentrated. They had the more balanced out team. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. I had to ask man, before we get into the interview or, you know, I had to touch on it cause you and I, we had a conversation a few days ago and we were,

that's what we kind of wrapped our conversation up with was talking about, you know, what was coming up and you were about to go watch it and all that. So I had to just, you know, bring that up, but let's talk about it. You know, from the top of your bio, the absolute top, you talk about loving being a husband,

a Dad, a family, man. Why is that so important to you? Why is that so important to me? Why? That's a great question. It's it's just, it's part of me. It's it's, it's part of what's closest. It's part of what? On, on one hand, I've been taught on one and no. So my parents have both always been entrepreneurs and they've been phenomenal parents.

However, they've always been working, working, working, working, working, and I really wanted to have kids. And then I wanted to be with that kids. And I had a different view on how my parents were doing it at the moment. And I'm now doing it my way. So I figured along the way, my way of how I like to do it best.

And I love that balance between, especially now with summer, the kids are off. When I tell people how many hours I work every day, they go nuts. I don't work that much during the summer because it's my goal, my vision to not have to work while the kids are at home. Kids are young to five and eight. The both boys still love football.

So did they only, I think we played three hours of, of, of football yesterday was four. So today only three because you know, I had to go on the show with you. Yeah. You great. Now they're mad at me. I was just going to say you made two enemies for life. And I just love that. It's, it's, it's about that.It's about living.

What I feel is my dream and I get to live it at some extent I'm still building on, on, you know, making it even better. But to some extent I'm living it already. And that's what I look at. And that's what I teach. It's like people pretend like I'm an entrepreneur. And what I need to do is I need to make lots and lots of money to be able then to provide my family.

Yeah. To later on, figure out actually that money part was the least of what actually they wanted from me. Whether that's, you know, the, the, the Mom or the Dad, what the kids really, the one is just having tons and tons of time with them as much time as they can. And, and I'm not gonna lie right now.

We turn the TV on. So they won't come in because the whole week they've been coming in, come on and check out who is Daddy talking to this time? However, it's part of my life. And I love that I have no lock on my door. I asked it sometimes like, how do you, how do you keep your kids out when you're working?

Right. And, and some people have like, you know, when it's really important, they have like signs and signals and locks. And I don't know what, and I have an open door and they know that. And, and it's up to me to make sure that, you know, I'll, I'll keep that to a limit, especially when I'm a guest.

I, I, you know, That's fantastic. That's, that's amazing. Cause I know there are people out there watching right now and especially, you know, we're supposedly coming through this COVID thing, everything's opening up every, all the clubs. I mean, I'm in Vegas right now. All the shows are open. We had like 4 million guests or something come to Las Vegas for the 4th of July weekend.

It was insane. And people are feeling like they're chasing, they're trying to make up for the year they lost, you know? And it's like, you can't go back in time. You can't make that time up. All you can do is move forward. And what seems to be happening is they're spending less time with their family because they feel like they've already spent so much time in the last year,

you know? And it's like, no, it's time for Daddy and Mommy to go back to work. And, and we get back to our regular schedule. So what would you tell them? The parents about how to balance, how to find that time, because they're going, I'm doing 12 hour work days. Now I get, I don't have time for,

you know, football and hanging out in the park. What are you crazy? Yeah. Well, first of all, if, if that's your vision, if you want to live your life, then who am I to tell you different? However, you have to know from your core that that's absolutely your vision. Don't tell somebody else's dream. Don't tell somebody else's vision or how society sees,

how we should live and how we should go do our job and, and et cetera, et cetera. So if you know what your vision is, then just try and work towards making that a reality. Now, if you're happy working your nine to five, then by all means, and then figure out everything else. I I've know. Like I have clients and,

and me and my myself as well. I, I used to have a job and as well, working on building up my entrepreneurial business, there's nothing harder than doing that and being a parent. And then not just that, but being, being a husband first, taking care of yourself and then taking care of, you know, making sure that your wife understands,

like I L I love you and I want to be with you. And then making that the kids understand that as well. It's not easy. And all you gotta do is just schedule. Like, I schedule the heck out of my day. Like when I showed this schedule that I set for the kids, people are like, wow, that's a full day.

I say yes, but it will, you will be going to that. People think like I'm a robot. And I go from like six o'clock when I wake up until like 10 o'clock when I go to sleep, like every hour is filled in like, yes, every hour is filled in. It's just doesn't mean that every hour is, is, is happening exactly the way that I had it in my mind.

Right. So we have planned, for example, we used to have planned at eight o'clock in the morning. We go and practice football because it's hot. And that way we could play in that playground, it didn't work because it gets go way late to bed. The reason why we play football at night as well, because it's cooler, right? So from seven to 9, 9:30,

they're playing football. Then they come home, they still have to eat. Right. They take their time. And by the time they go to sleep, when I would wake them up at seven o'clock in the morning, I have two zombies, like halfway to we go like, so there was no more football training, then the whole schedule went. Okay,

great. But however, I had a schedule. The only way that I can figure out now is how can I make that even more perfect for me is by having one. And I figuring out okay, to the eight o'clock training that doesn't work, let's swap it around. Let's go look for a different area. We found the perfect new playgrounds, a little further away where it's perfect because it has shade until like one o'clock.

So now we would train there. We started at 11 from 11 to 12. So we train, I have them give, study times, little like 30 minutes every day, like three times a day. So we moved that now to to in the morning, and then we move the 11 o'clock where we had to study time. We moved that night to football train

12 o'clock is free time.They can do whatever they want, guess what they want to do more football training. So now we're, instead of being one hour, now we get to spend two hours just playing with a football thing, what they love. And they have their study time and they have their screen time. And I love it. They have such a great balance.

I, this week is just absolutely phenomenal. I love every single day of it. And yes, I'm exhausted. Yes. I'm worried sometimes like, am I doing enough for my business? Am I doing enough for, you know, for my audience, for my potential clients, for my clients, et cetera. Absolutely. However, I worry about that in the moment that I'm not with them when I'm with them.

And that's where the schedule helps. Again, I can switch off my mind because I know what's coming up and they know what's coming up, which is great. Like, I can have clients, I can have this goal. And they know like, now they need to eat and then need to then get ready, brush the teeth and go to bed.

They probably won't. Cause there waiting for me but that's okay. Right. But they also know that when I have client goals, which, which, you know, I've mainly focused on Europe. I have client calls in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon and that's sometimes you're in their study time. They know what study time. So by the time that I'm done,

I come in, they're there, they're doing their study stuff. Right. That's What I mean. Let me ask you, are you living your ideal life? Partly. Yeah. Partly. Yeah. Okay. I think, and that's healthy as well is if I would say like, yes, I'm living my ideal life. Now one right now I will be lying because it's not true.

But two, then that would mean, you know, there there's a saying, I can't remember who says it, but they're saying like a shark needs to move forward. As soon as the shark stops or move backwards, he dies. This is same for us. So I must be all the time looking at like, okay, if I'm living my perfect ideal life right now,

something's wrong. I need to improve. I need to think again. I need to sit down and look, what's my next step. So I already know what my next step is and how do you know what I need to work on to make that happen? And I'm taking action on that. And that's, that's only done by, by taking the time to actually plan,

like knowing like large vision speaking, what do I want to do? And then what do I want to be at the end of this year? However, the biggest problem is when people have like, first of all, most people don't have a vision, right? That's one. And when they do, then the problem comes that the gap is so big that they're actually like,

Ooh, no it's never going to happen. Or, you know, they start working so hard to, because they think that they need the money to make that vision happen. And for me, it was, I think two years ago that my big vision, I was thinking, wait a minute, what I truly truly want? And I set that as a goal for this year.

I have no revenue goal this year. My only goal is, and it's of course tied to a revenue, but it's not a revenue goal is don't work when kids are at home. Sorry, I looked at her left because I have here full of my goals. And it's don't work when kids are at home and that's not easy. That means in the weekends, I'm not working.

That means summer. Like when they have vacation, that would mean that I won't be working. That would mean that they go to school from nine o'clock to one or nine o'clock till two, depending on where we're at in the, in the calendar. That means the afternoons. I won't be working. I have clients from the United States, from Canada. They can't come on that early.

Right. Three o'clock in the afternoon for me. That's when, you know, that's when you wake up, It's like five in the morning. Yeah. It's like five in the Morning or something like that, depending on where you at. But yeah, 5, 4, 4, of course. For the other side,it would be like eight o'clock, nine o'clock. Right. And that's when I have some of my American clients,

which is great. However, for me then it's not because not living my complete vision. So I'm not, again, I'm not there yet. Right? However, I'm close. However, I started making decisions, according to what my vision is,instead of making decisions on according to how much money I want to make. So I'm not making like tons and tons of money.

However, I get spent tons and tons of time with my wife, with our, our sons. And that is to me is my dream. Right? So that's why I'm like a little hesitant when you ask me, like,are you living your dream partly? I would say yeah, all of a sudden I'm like, you're not there yet, but you know,

that's part of, part of the key part of staying hungry. Like we would talk about Les Brown, for example, like you gotta be hungry. You always gotta be hungry. Cause if not, you know,I totally hear you. So here's what we're going to do. We're going to take a quick break. And then when we come back,

we're going to talk about how do you build your own ideal life and couple of really cool programs that he has and what we're going to be doing next. So sit right there. We'll be right back. Expert Talk is brought to you in part by PodNation TV,the Podcast to Broadcast network. Hey everybody, welcome back. You know where you are Expert Talk with me TGo. And as usual

you know, we got somebody great sitting in the wings and we were just about to get into how do we build our ideal life. So let's welcome back Klaas and we're going to get into it. What's happening Klaas. So how does someone that's at home right now that spent the last year pretty much going, am I ever going to get out of my house?

Am I ever going to go back to my real life? And now they're ready to expand their business, maybe stop working in corporate America, or they have a whole nother idea. Maybe they want to be a part-time worker and stay home with their kids because they really got used to being home over the last year. How do you help people? You know,

when they're trying to find their ideal life, what do you tell them? Yeah, that's a really good question. Actually, the, the question. So I actually do something with, with, with my clients and they, as well as me, the first thing that I asked them to do, we,we don't like that much, but it's very profound.

And I actually give them the assignment to write their own eulogy. Meaning they write the, the letter, the note that somebody is going to speak. And in this case, they themselves are going to speak when they pass away. Now, as I said, nobody likes that because we don't like to think about us being a know we're going to die at some point..

Right? However we are and knowing how you want to be perceived as a person, when you die, gives you the opportunity to work on that right now. And what I like for my clients is for them to realize it's like, listen, I don't have all the time in the world, but we think like, oh yeah, I've got all the time in the world.

Don't have to worry about anything. You know, if I don't do something one day the night, it's okay. If I lay in my bed all day and don't worry about my kids, it's okay. And to one extent, that's true. But then the other extent is not, what if then you got out of bed and you walked and you slipped and you fell your head on the,

on the sink and then it's end of the day and no more waking up. So I first want them to do that so that they know exactly how they want people to talk about and how they want people to remember them by. And again, it's not easy. It isn't, it's not because every time I talked to my clients, they're like, wow,

this is actually really cool. And then they have to do that in a week. And at four weeks later they still haven't done it. Well, you know, it's like very touching for me that you say that because I, the joke for me has always been, you know, how do you want to be remembered, blah, blah, blah. It's like,

by that time I'm gone. So say whatever the heck you want to say, but now that you say that I'm going, wait a minute, what did they say? All the wrong things. Maybe I need to do what you're saying, because that really did hit home with me. Wow. Yeah. How do I want to be percieved and remembered? That's really neat. Right? Yeah, exactly.

And the cool thing is, and that's, that's the benefit that you have, right? You get to interview all these amazing guests and ask them questions and then learn from that. When I had a business called Become a Fearless Father, which now I've changed or transitioned that to Become the Me, I want to be, I interviewed a lot of Dads that are entrepreneurs.

And one said something very cool, but always stuck with me. And that made me even push more towards the eulogy. So important. He mentioned to me and he said, look, we're all looking at, okay, what do I want to leave behind? Like what, what legacy do I want to leave behind? Right. Legacy, meaning Mike,

your kids. Right? However, what about a multi-generational legacy? Meaning what am I leaving behind? Not just for our kids. What am I leaving behind for our kids kids? Our kids gets kids and our kids, kids, kids, kids, right? Wow. That was profound for me. And that made me realize like, okay, I want that part within my eulogy.

And I shared that with my clients. As in, like, you've got to think of that. You got to think that far. So one of the big things, for example, that comes up, that we can see right now is climate. What are we doing to leave this earth better than when we got into it? And that's always a discussion that we can have,

of course, you know, if we have to believe what's going on, it looks like, you know, we're on the wrong track. And 50, a 100 years from now, there won't be a Earth left to live on. So yes, we can decide, let's go into space and find a planet and then live there possibility. Or we can change now and start looking at like,

what can we do? Like for example, stop buying the general food, which is bad for you anyway, but let's start buying organic. Yes. It's a little bit more expensive. However, it's better for my body. It's better for the environment. So, and that, that then helps our kids, kids, kids to make sure that they also have a planet to live on from the eulogy.

Once you have that done, you know, I always look at my clients. It's like, okay, what's the vision in different areas of your life and different areas of your business. And I always start with life first. Cause we, we on this earth to live a life and not to live for our business. So I, I liked people to focus on that and then focus on,

okay, what about you? Like, how do you want, what do you want for yourself? How you want your relationship to be, how do you want it to be as a, as a, as a partner then of course, how do you want to be as a, as a, as a Dad or as a Mom? How do you want to be as a friend?

How do you want to be as a, as a son or a daughter, et cetera, et cetera. Should you fill all that out? What kind of house do you want to live in? You know, everything, not the, the typical, you know, I want to have a house with a picket fence and a, and a dog and a cat.

And you know, I don't know what, I don't know. What is it that you want? Right. And I love this because some people they want like the big house and the cars. And that's fantastic. If that's you, then I was going to quote Kevin Hart. Do you boo boo. love it. Love it for me. For example,

that's not what I want. Like, I want to travel more. I want to spend more time with my kids. I want them to show the world. I want them to, to learn more about different cultures. And, and I don't care about the cars. We have one car and it runs, it gets me from A to B safe and I'm happy.

Right? We have an apartment, which is great. So on the ground floor show in case COVID comes again, back in, and we're already here in Spain and the fifth wave, right? We're here. You said there were open everything up over here. Again, they're about shut everything down. And again, here we live on the first floor. We have a patio so they can play outside.

I can drop them off the balcony and sorry, not drop. Like we, but just bring them down to the floor. That's a little step there on the floor. They get grass here. They can play. Right. And they still can be outside because we had a period where we couldn't even go outside. Like the kids were inside the house and we're happy.

Right. We get the help, our animals and stuff like that. That's what we focused on. So we were focused on more like, how can we help the humanity? And also, how can we help animals? Especially dogs here in Spain are very badly treated. We want to help them.And then we, we focus on that and we focused on the other kids.

Right? And we told you that before I'm, I'm, I'm sponsoring with my new project. We Rescue Kids. Right. Which is a non-profit. Yeah thats what I wanted to talk about yeah. So that's the things that we focus on. Again, there's no right or wrong, I just want, but however you can't live. Unless you have that vision of this, this is where I want to go.

Then you need to know where am I at and then very important. You need to know who must I become, where am I at? Who must I become to achieve all those visions? Why don't you got all that? Which is not again, it's not easy. It takes work. However, it is so worth it,

Theresa. It is so worth it, right? Because it will give you a motivation. It will give you a drive and you are along the way, you will learn so much, you will grow and, and on every single level that you can imagine. And, and that's, that's what I enjoy most. And the one little tip that I,if it's okay, if I can give one little tip extra,

yes, please. It's very important for yourself to know what's most important in your life to have that order, because in life, life's going to throw all kinds of things at you all the time. And you know, and everything happens at the same time. It's never like, you know, okay, here comes this and then you can take care of that and then comes the next thing.

No, no. Most of the times it's everything at the same time. And then the only way you can really is by you being able to easily say no, no, no, no, no. Yes, because that's my main priority. Right? And the order that I made for myself is my spiritual connection is the first one. Right? I think that's the most important one..

And it doesn't matter what kind of religion you're in. It's, it's, that's why I call it spiritual, you know, spirituality, as in, however you fill that in and the next one is you and especially mothers have a hard time with this because for them, the first thing that comes is their kids and the husband. And maybe if there's a little bit of time left is them.

And that's, that's a huge mistake because you get burned out, you get, you get tired of life and everything. And you're just wondering, like, what is my time going to come? And your only time is going to come. Like you decide, this is my time right now. And this is the same for me. Like, I was focused so much on the kids and I was,

I told my wife, like the kids come first and it's actually mistake because after I taking care of me, I need to take care of my wife. I need to make sure that I do everything possible for her and our relationship because in the end the kids are going to be here. And this is my calculation. I know Spanish people. For example,

since I live here, now I'm starting to learn, like gets live here to the like 25-30 at home. All right. My, my vision is had 18. They're out fly, baby fly. So that's, that's the vision that I have. So I, I, everything that I do is working towards that and that's important for me.And then after my wife come my kids and then after it gets come,

the family and friends, and then after that come the business. And now it's easy for me to make a decision. So if my Mom calls, if I have a client call, for example, and my mom calls me and says something is, you know, something happened and I have to go there,which is a four hour drive. I will tell my client,

I'm sorry. I have to cancel our call. We'll re reschedule. I got to go and, and, you know, help my parents out. If my kids come in and you know, we're on this call right now. And my kids come in, then with all due respect, Theresa, I apologize. I have to attend to him right now.

if it's not, I totally agree. Right. I totally agree. That really helps. And it, when I found this out and start implementing this in my life, and as I said, it's been different. So again, I put my kids first, that was a big mistake. I was getting heavier. I was getting really out of shape because I wasn't focused on me.

And the relationship with my wife was suffering. I'm not going to lie. Right. And that's when I started thinking this is not working. And also not for them, like in the end, it's not working for them either because they need to see a healthy relationship between their Mom and Dad.They also need to see a healthy relationship that we have with ourselves.

And, and because they copy us, especially in the beginning. So it's very important that we first, and I showed him, like in the morning I do my morning system. They can wake up. They come in, they see me either meditating or doing some breathing exercises or some exercises. They see me drinking, what kinds of waters and teas and stuff like that.

And, and, and then are asking like, Hey Dad, we're eating this, but you eating that, like, why are you eating this well, because this is, you know, the healthy version. And that is an okay version. Right. And then they're like, I want to try the healthy version because, you know, and again,

it comes from that vision that I have. I don't, I don't instill it on them. They don't have to change anything. However, because they see me and they see how I am progressing, how I now, even at 43 years old, I'm getting stronger. You know, they, they see my body change. They see how much I run with them.

I play football with them, just, you know, just set that sometimes four hours a day. I'm the only parent that doesn't sit down and is just running around with all the kids and that's not to show off. And it's just to show that that's, that's my vision. And sometimes I think like, and I also, I also keep thinking,

right, is this healthy? Like, am I not always on top of the kids? And you know, how is that going to help them grow up? Like maybe I should let them go and then play. And, and, and however, I see that they are nicer to other kids. They are more outgoing. So they say, thank you,

please then the other kids that, that, that parents are not watching them or, or being with them at all. So for now, I see, I see it as, you know, it's, it's working for me again, everybody has their own vision and dream, and I help you realize that vision and dream for as long as I can.

However, just like I challenged myself. I also challenge you. I also will challenge you is like, is that true? Like, you know, is that really what you want? And, and, you know, do you know what you have to give up, for example? So that's, That's amazing. That's what that is. That's amazing.

You know, you and I, we had a conversation the other day. It was the first time I got a chance to talk with you. And then you agreed to come onto the show. And I want to thank you for coming on, but literally this little, you know, this little segment here that we've been able to be on together, we touched on this much.

I mean, I hope you'll come back often because there's so much stuff that you can share and, and help. And, and you really do just listening to you. It opens your eyes. You know, I'm a grandparent. Everybody knows that. I brag about my grandsons all the time on the air and, and being able to spend that time with them and not just sit on the sidelines and actually be out there with them.

Yeah. I want that too. I don't want to just sit there and watch their lives, you know, run past me literally. So before I let you get out of the hot seat, sir, how do they find you? What's next for you? What's going on? I Appreciate that. So they could find me mostly I'm on Facebook. That's my go-to social media platform.

My name Klass Oosterhout, you can search for that. I don't think there's anybody else, but me with that name should be easy to find me. And what am I working on? Am I having an amazing project that I told you about that's absolutely Fantastic, where I interview just phenomenal guests, absolute phenomenal guests and, and, and going to interview some more.

The goal is a hundreds masters of productivity to interview them. And they're real short, about 15 minutes each. And they just give their number one productivity hack that has helped them achieve their success. And I guess, for example, like I mentioned to you like John Lee Dumas, who is the owner of Entrepreneur on Fire, he just came out with his new book.

You know, he he's living his dream life. It's actually phenomenal. Like he lives in, I believe Costa Rica. It's now I'm doubting, but I believe its Costa Rica, but he lives beautifully as is his house a swimming pool. He has absolutely what he wants. And it's interesting to hear from them, like, you know, what has been their productivity hacks been interviewing Les Brown Daughter,

Serena Brown, some, some movie stars and an amazing entrepreneurial parents and, and, and the six really successful entrepreneurs that are in the multiple figures yearly. And it's just been a lot of fun. And it's very educational for me as well to see, like, what is their productivity hack? Right. What if I can mention one little thing, my first guest,

for example, Monica Tanner, she blew me away right away. Because when we think about productivity, we always think about, you know, planning, scheduling, and goal setting and stuff like that. And she immediately goes to the biggest productivity hack for me is to make sure that my relationship with my partner is 100%. And I was like, that makes so much sense because I was thinking all of a sudden like,

oh yeah, how many times have a nice not? I have, I sat here at my computer trying to work after I had an argument with my wife or after we didn't have an argument, but she did something that I didn't, you know, I was expecting her to do something else blah.And I'm just sitting here in my head going, and I was like,

that makes so much sense. And I was so, so blessed to have her as a first guest, because it's completely different productivity hack that most people think of. And so far all the guests, they all had different productivity hacks just makes it just phenomenal because, you know, yes, you might've already been working on your relationship and that's perfect. However,

what about this one or that one, or, you know, all your scheduling or are you, are you prioritizing it's phenomenal. So, so just for me, it's educational. And as I mentioned to you, it is my opportunity to help the founder of We Rescue Kids, which are very proud of 50% of everything goes straight to, to her organization where she helps th that's an,

a United States based organization. And she helps abuse kids in the United States to get the necessary help. They need to make sure that they are able to also live a normal life or better yet live by for their dreams, even though they have suffered and gone through an incredibly traumatized experience. And I just love that I'm so blessed to be able to do this.

he, the founder, I met her in:

it was devastating. And then to see her just shine sparkle, have an amazing business. And now helping, you know, living her dream life, helping other kids to overcome their traumas. It's just, yeah, again, I'm blessed to be able to be a part of that. And I can't wait. I can't wait to see it. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

You know, this is going to be like amazing. You know, I'm probably going to sit there with a big bowl of popcorn and just go through them one after the other, you also bring, you, make sure you got pen and paper. Cause I always say like,you know, if you, if you watch these shows and then same for this show.

Exactly, exactly. Make sure you got pen and paper. And not just that. I mean, you can write down everything you want. I think that's the biggest problem that people have with books, book reading, for example, like people ask you like, what's your goal with reading books?And they go like, oh, I want to read a hundred books this year.

Well, my goal is to read one is the book that, cause I don't, I don't care about how many books I read. I care about reading one book that's really going to help me propel forward. Right. And right now that one book for me is, is John Lee Dumas's book, the on-call, what is it? Uncommon path to know The Common Path to Uncommon Success.

And it's phenomenal book. And I don't read it if you know, front to back, I read it and then go, okay, what can I do now? What, like, you know, I want that book that tells me like,okay, now you got to figure out this. And then you, you take notes. You, you,

you implement. And that's the same with these kinds of things with these kinds of interviews or you got to listen like, is there just one golden nugget that just goes in your brain, write it down, implement, implement, implement, implement,and figure out is it working for me? Great. Is it not like you still have that vision,

right. That's why you fall. That's a goal. As long as you had that vision, you shared that. And now you're like, okay, that didn't work, but maybe I can make it work for me by changing this. You know, I go like a Kiwi, like boom. Now I got a different approach. Let me try this right.

That love it. I love it. I want to thank you so much for coming on the show today. I hope you'll come back. Let's do maybe a 9 @ 9 and just dig in on one topic for nine minutes before my rude producer cuts us off. I think it be a lot of fun. You are an amazing guy and you're stuck with me now.

I'm gonna be bugging you all the time. You are welcome to do so. I had a blast as always. I had a blast when we spoke to each other all online, but off the show, as well as on the show. Now you're a fantastic host and the appreciate the invite and yeah, absolutely. Whenever you need me, whenever you want me to come back,

you can count on me. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Well, everybody, you know how we do this? I love sitting down with experts from all over the world that are talking about the subjects that are passionate for them, that they love so much, that you know, that they want to help you find your ideal life. I really hope you caught a few nuggets here and there.

I caught a ton, took a lot of notes and you know, just got to have him come back on again as always. I thank you for watching. I hope you'll be here next time. And as I always like to say I'm TGo and I'll talk to you next time