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Ep. 388 - Custom Pump & Controls Senior Manager, Steven Whitehouse
4th June 2024 • Second in Command: The Chief Behind the Chief • Second in Command: The Chief Behind the Chief
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Today's episode of the Second in Command podcast features a conversation between Cameron and Steven Whitehouse, COO Alliance member and the director of operations at Southeastern Tank, Inc. During this conversation, Steven shares his unique approach to balancing multiple roles within a growing company.

You'll gain insights into his strategies for implementing innovative systems while maintaining core operations, and how he navigates the challenges of prioritizing tasks to prevent burnout. Discover how Steven shifted from a stoic mindset to embracing openness, and how this shift has transformed his relationships with his team. 

Steven also offers insights on the critical importance of building trust and the surprising ways vulnerability can strengthen a team’s cohesion and productivity. You'll find a wealth of practical tips and heartfelt reflections, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills.

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • The importance of being trusted to run the business with autonomy, while maintaining checks and balances to ensure responsible decision-making. (15:25)
  • The challenges of implementing new ideas and systems within the first year, and the need to prioritize and avoid taking on too many projects at once. (16:10)
  • How being vulnerable and open with a team can improve relationships and trust, making the team stronger and more cohesive.(23:59)
  • The importance of having open and honest discussions with the CEO to prioritize new ideas, implementing at the right time without overwhelming the team. (28:11)
  • And much more...

Resources and Contact Information:

Connect with Steven: Website | LinkedIn

Connect with Cameron: Website | LinkedIn

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