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CyberBytes: RSA 2024 Edition: Nullify with Shan Kulkarni
Episode 7920th May 2024 • CyberBytes: The Podcast • Powered by Aspiron Search
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Today’s guest is Shan Kulkarni, Co-Founder & CEO @ Nullify an AI AppSec Security company.

Shan Founded Nullify 18 months ago with the goal of building AI Agents to augment security teams helping them get to AppSec maturity faster with less.

In this episode, Shan and I cover: 

  • The story behind Nullify and the problem they solve
  • His transition from leading security engineering teams to becoming CEO at Nullify
  • What surprised Shan the most about being a CEO
  • Future looking for Nullify
  • How Nullify ensures the security and integrity of its AI Agents
  • The role of AI within AppSec
  • What Shan is hearing from his CISO conversations

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