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Episode 226th December 2020 • Authentic Leadership for Everyday People • Dino Cattaneo / Hoolibean
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Welcome to Authentic Leadership for Everyday People, the podcast that investigates the connection between effective leadership and authenticity. Kathy Dyer has decades of experience managing large global firms and serves on a number of corporate and non-for-profit boards.

Kathy talks about how she developed and cultivated her leadership style throughout the years, lessons she’s learned from key mentors and the importance of being well-rounded. Finally, Kathy talks about the work she’s done at CARE, shares her passion for travel and provides advice and best practices to listeners on how to hone and develop their leadership skills. 

Key Takeaways:

01:07 – Dino introduces today’s guest, Katharin Dyer, who joins the show to discuss lessons she’s learned throughout her career, including an abrupt exit from Advanta 

07:38 – Katharin speaks to how her leadership style has been rooted in courage 

11:06 – What authenticity means to Katharin and mentors who have shaped who Katharin has become 

14:54 – Katharin shares what success means to her and how she measures it 

17:17 – Katharin speaks to the work she does with CARE and lessons she’s carried over into her business career 

22:03 – Katharin defines her leadership style and identifies which traits she looks for in other leaders 

25:19 – Katharin recalls a personal crisis she faced and how it shaped her as a leader 

27:32 – Advice Katharin would give to listeners on leadership 

30:49 – Katharin talks about her how her passion of travel has influenced her personally and professionally 

32:28 – A key business phrase that Katharin absolutely hates

34:09 – Katharin shares some food for your soul 

38:08 – Dino leaves the audience with ‘Can’t Chase a Train,’ a song written and performed by Susan Cattaneo 


Tweetable Quotes:

“In my case, it was to really find myself that I could always act with courage. And the courage might be to talk about things that aren’t easy to talk about whether it’s giving someone feedback or speaking truth to power or speaking up at a time when if you don’t there will be bad consequences for others later.” (08:15)

“People invested in me in my career. And, it’s just so easy and gratifying to know that you might invest in others and because of it there may be a skip in their step or wind at their back.” (12:05)

“Success for me is really two things: Has my tenure in a role resulted in progress for the business? Has it resulted in progress for the people I have been entrusted with?” (15:10)

“I think it’s important to be a whole person, not perhaps just narrow and focused on a career or an industry.” (18:49)

“In a leader I look for energy. I look for ambition. I look for integrity. And, importantly – consistent with this whole conversation – I look for what I call, ‘whole people.’ Yes, I want people who are good at their jobs, but it is my belief that people are more effective and seen as a role model and an aspirational leader to their team if there are multiple dimensions.” (24:11)

“I think good leaders master feedback in an advocacy mode. So learn to give feedback so that people want it from you and are not dreading it from you.” (27:51)

“How many times have you heard an organization say, ‘Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations?’ Do you know what that means to me? That organization has punted on strategy. The hard work is to actually do the work to set the proper expectations and meet them.” (32:49)

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