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SoulBrews with Sheba - ThePodium.in EPISODE 19, 13th January 2021
Ep 19 - Sheba and Yash share a Coffee
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Ep 19 - Sheba and Yash share a Coffee

Presenting a special soul conversation over coffee with Yash Kumar.

Fun, Quirky, Driven-to-do-good?

How do you describe a 19-year-old who has grown up battling a number of issues and is already on his path to helping others? Affected by a mix of ADHD, Dyslexia, and some other challenges since he was a child, Yash has been pushing on to spread awareness about syndromes and special needs in an effort to create a more inclusive and supportive world.

Not fazed by medical setbacks caused by an Auto-Immune disorder and a heart surgery as well, all before the age of 14, Yash has completed his diploma in Business Administration from PSB Academy in Singapore. He has also just completed 2 months of Basic Military Training and he is now engaged in National Service for the next 2 years in Singapore.

A friendly, social, and helpful person, Yash can often be found conversing with people he meets in their own language. With his never-give-up attitude, his heartfelt desire to do something for people with special needs, and his eagerness and dedication to do something about it, he is a gift to the world.