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Ep. #4: Meet the Investor series: Fridtjof Detzner & Nick de la Forge: Co-Founders and Partners @ Planet A
Episode 46th May 2021 • The Tech 4 Climate Podcast • Guillaume de dorlodot
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Part 1:Meet the Investor:

In today’s episode, we will speak with the co-founders of Planet A;  Fridtjof Detzner &  Nick de la Forge who are seeking to support and invest in founders tackling the world‘s largest environmental problems such as GHG, plastics and water shortage.

They will uncover how they provide early-stage funding and mentoring to highly scalable impact companies – while measuring and forecasting the positive ecological impact of a start-up as their central metric of success. Their unique approach is supported by a network of scientists and experts developing frameworks and methodologies with them to assess the impact prior to making their investments decisions.   

Part 2:My secret sauce:

In the second part of the show, Fridtjof & Nick will give a series of valuable insides for ClimateTech founders to successfully pitch investors. Finally, they will share with you their “secret sauce” on how they balance their busy founders and investor’s work life.


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