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Shutting Down a Business: The Last Day with Kiley Peters
Episode 4221st December 2022 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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“If I were to name the pain I know, it's being told I can't do something. Or being told I can't have something, or that I'm not enough,” shares host Kiley Peters. Today, Kiley talks about why she chose to shut down Brainchild Studios to pursue RAYNE IX. 

Shutting down a business to begin something new can be a really intimidating process and many people will likely question you or tell you that you won’t be able to succeed. Kiley was inspired to build RAYNE IX out of a desire to create opportunities to elevate women. Instead of choosing to just simply sell off Brainchild, she knew that she did not want to lose the incredible team that she built and instead wanted to bring them with her to her new venture. The people that supported her and grew with her along the way were the best part of Brainchild and are pivotal to the success of RAYNE IX. 

If you are in a position where you are considering ending one journey to begin another, you know how scary that decision can feel. With the right support system of people by your side, you can achieve anything. Learn more about why Kiley decided to shut down Brainchild and how she has made RAYNE IX more aligned with her goals of helping other women. 


  • “It's been such an incredible journey, high highs and low lows just like entrepreneurship always is. But we built a team at our height in 2021, we had six employees and probably two dozen or so contractors, we've ebbed and flowed over the years, we've seen our team get engaged, and we've seen them get married, and we've seen them have babies, and we've seen them move out of state and we've seen them move into houses. We've had overnight retreats, we've won international awards, we've been rewarded and recognized quite a bit locally. I mean, it's been an incredible journey. It really has.” (6:03-6:52 | Kiley) 
  • “If you don't have a strong support network, for anyone listening, I really recommend you find somebody who believes in you even more than you believe in you.” (8:14-8:22 | Kiley)
  • “If I were to name the pain I know, it's being told I can't do something, or being told I can't have something, or being told that I'm not enough.” (10:22-10:35 | Kiley)
  • “I've said this time and time and time again and I will continue to be a broken record. People are really what matter most.” (19:26-19:33 | Kiley) 

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