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3. What to Look for in a Technology and Business Advisor
Episode 312th April 2023 • Dollars and Data: Smart Solutions For Business • William Cole Smith
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Is it possible to find a business advisor and a technology advisor in one person? Absolutely. Today I'm talking about how to dominate and innovate in your business, and using technology to do that. I'm Cole Smith, and this is Dollars and Data.

I've been in the business of technology for 30 years. In that time, I’ve learned a thing or two. The right way to think about engaging advisors is to see it as an opportunity to grow your business. You're wanting to sit down with the right business and technology advisor and say, "Here's where I am, this is what I'm doing, and this is where I want to go."

The right person is key though, and with that, you can deal with accounting systems, and shipping, and look at any existing pain points in your business. Even cyber security – how your staff are checking their email – is something that you, as a business owner, need to consider carefully.

Does the right business and technology advisor see your vision and have the expertise of where you want to go? Let's unpack some of these issues so we can futureproof your business and get you on track with technology, your business, and the right advice.

Please join me.

"What I've learned is asking questions and gathering information. And the methodology, in my opinion, should be having a discovery call." ~ William “Cole” Smith

In This Episode:

- How to pick the right technology advisor

- What technologies are you currently using in your business?

- What are the costs for hiring an advisor?

- How do we safeguard our business? Understanding cyber security

- Understanding the required infrastructure for harnessing technology

And so much more!

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