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The Truth About 'Do It Scared': The Antidote and Which Of The Two Types Of Fear Is Trashing Your Confidence [Episode 029]
Episode 2915th February 2023 • Ditching Imposter Syndrome • Clare Josa
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Ever feel like you're holding back on your dreams? Not speaking up with your best ideas? Backing down too easily when challenged? Not taking those golden opportunities to shine? But trying to be brave and push on through your fears?

Then you need to hear the truth about 'do it scared' - and get the inside scoop on the two types of fear - and which of them is trashing your confidence!

What You'll Discover Today:

  • The neuroscience (demystified) of how fear stops us from speaking up - and it's nothing to do with courage
  • Why your mind goes blank when you're asked a question in a meeting
  • How 'do it scared' makes us self-sabotage
  • The difference between Imposter Syndrome & self-doubt...
  • ... and why this means that mindset isn't enough to make your voice heard
  • The two types of fear, and which of them is trashing your confidence
  • Why the myth that we need stress to perform actually keeps us stuck
  • Plus a masterclass I'm running to help you with all of this, for IWD2023.

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