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Servant Leadership is for the Brave with Kathleen Patterson
Episode 11st March 2019 • Life as Leadership: Where Leaders Gather to Grow Together • Josh Friedeman
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Dr. Kathleen Patterson serves as a professor at Regent University, and she is the Director of their Doctor of Strategic Leadership program. She is a noted expert on servant leadership and has coordinated annual Servant Leadership Roundtables in the United States as well as three Global Roundtables in the Netherlands, Australia, and Iceland. She has been involved in a number of consulting projects nationally and abroad and sits on the board of directors for the Larry C. Spears Center for Servant Leadership, Care Net, and Millennials for Marriage.


  • Dr. Patterson shares about her path to studying and developing the theory of servant leadership.
  • She discusses what servant leadership is and is not as well as how it is possible to lead more effectively as a servant.
  • She shares some practical tips on what it looks like to serve as a leader - including how to fire people as servant leader!
  • Unlike transformational leadership, which is focused on the organization, servant leadership is focused on the follower.
  • Servant leadership is often misunderstood, but at its core it is focused on helping followers to develop into better human beings.


  • An experience that continues to influence Dr. Patterson's leadership to this day: The men and women who were kind and gracious and opened doors when they didn't have to.
  • A leader is: Loving, humble, and serving.
  • A question leaders should be asking themselves: Do I reflect Jesus Christ?
  • Book recommendations for leaders: In the Name of Jesus (Henri Nouwen) and The Hiding Place (Corrie Ten Boom).
  • A habit to start THIS week to be a better leader: Pray for your followers. If you invest in them in prayer, it will change everything.
  • As a general life principle, is it better to ask "why?" o "why not?": Why not? Sometimes we ask "why me? Why did this happen to me?" Well, why not you?


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