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Christmas Special 2021: Christmas Pudding
Episode 218th December 2021 • The British Food History Podcast • Neil Buttery
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In the podcast’s first Christmas Special Neil delves into the history, origins and folklore surrounding the good old Christmas Pudding: the cornerstone of the Christmas Day dinner. He cooks up a proper cannonball shaped Victorian pudding that was written by Sam Bilton’s Great Aunt Eliza (Sam is a friend of the show). Neil also looks at Stir Up Sunday, superstitions and how to flambé a pudding properly.

Links to things mentioned in this episode:

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Sam Bilton’s post about her Great Aunt’s pudding:

Neil’s Christmas Pottage post:

See Neil make the pottage on the Channel 5 show Amazing Christmas Cakes & Bakes here (UK only):

Neil’s first post about the Yorkshire Christmas Pye:

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