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Dance Away From Burnout with Dawn Breslin
Episode 210th November 2019 • Burnout Power • Burnout Power
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Dawn Breslin (Scotland) has done inspiring things after recovering from burnout. Through her work as a presenter, author and speaker for some of the world’s leading brands, she has inspired thousands to heal, re-energise and transform. Dawn is now dedicated to helping you align your self-confidence, life vision and energy through her new Harmonizing Alignment Process. 

Topics we cover: 

  • Listening to our bodies; 
  • Dancing to reconnect with body and soul; 
  • Lessons from The Five Rhythms Dance Practice; 
  • Letting go of everything; 
  • Being kind to yourself; 
  • Studying biomimicry and nature's cycles; 
  • Retreats to nature; 
  • Grow, Rest, Repair Cycle; 
  • Dawn's Harmonizing Program. 

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Resources mentioned:

Harmonizing Life:;

(free online magazine).

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