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Catholic Foundation Library - Michael Joseph Mouawad EPISODE 37, 11th January 2021
CFL 37: Mary Mother of Life
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CFL 37: Mary Mother of Life

Catholic Foundation Library #37

Our Lord told us that He is "the way, the life and the truth" and since Mary is his mother it is only right to address her under the title "Mary Mother of Life."

Eve was called the Mother of the Living, but Mary is Mother of Life to indicate that she is not only the Mother of the Living but the Mother of Life itself -- Our Lord.

Eve was the Mother of the Living -- those under the original curse: "for dust you are to dust you will go." In contrast, Mary is the Mother of those who have received life in Christ -- eternal life.

In this talk, we explore the importance of this title and its relevance to our times plagued by contraception and abortion. Come and learn how Mary can lead all those who are lost back to Christ so that they may have life and have it abundantly.