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The Render Podcast - Cam Petty Palmer 20th May 2020
09. All Things Tech with Karen Gordon
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09. All Things Tech with Karen Gordon

Do you ever get lost in the terms used when talking about tech for your rental company? Karen Gordon from Goodshuffle Pro puts us at ease when talking about these terms and struggles. 

Karen Gordon is the VP of Growth at Goodshuffle, a company revolutionizing the event rental industry with modern technology. Karen has spent her career growing companies in the fields of both events and technology, and is passionate about blending the two worlds. 

Here is a sneak peek of what this episode consists of:

[6:58] Rental Companies biggest struggles is never having enough time

[9:13] Recognizing your pain points and also what you are good at

[13:06] When you don't know something, just ask!

[16:56] Technology can work for you

[32:44] If you do not know how to do something, figure it out first before you hire

To try Goodshuffle Pro for FREE for 30 days go to pro.goodshuffle.com/ber 

To find Goodshuffle, go to https://pro.goodshuffle.com and on Instagram @goodshuffle

Next week we will drop an episode about Emotional Intelligence as the leader of your company!